Providing Full Support to Tenants

At Lovetts of Ramsgate, we provide complete tenant support as reputable estate agents. Please read the FAQs below regarding your lease and responsibility to see how we can assist you.

Tenancy Agreement

This is signed by ALL TENANTS, and us on the Landlord’s behalf, normally. There is no cost to you for this initial agreement.

Changes to tenancy asked for by the Tenant. If you wish to change the tenancy to include another person for example (who we would have to have full knowledge of) there is a charge of £50 per variation. Should you wish to leave the tenancy early with the agreement of the Landlord it can be arranged but you will need to pay your rent until a new tenant is found but no longer that the end of the end of the tenancy. In view of the expenses caused by your early termination we would charge you £250 to cover our expenses of taking instructions from the Landlord, re-advertising, viewings, releasing deposit and of course ensuring the new interested people are suitable tenants.

Who is Responsible for Contacting the Utility Companies When I Have Moved into the Property?

You agree to pay your utility bills as they become due. Once resident you can choose your own utility company thereby getting the best deal so it is important to take your own meter readings as soon as you enter the property for the first time. We are able to notify Council Tax and Southern Water.

Who Can I Contact in Case of Any Problems During My Tenancy?

If there are any problems with your property once you have moved in, your tenancy will tell you who to contact. We always explain to you that you can call us if required on 01843 570305 as well as your landlord. Their numbers will be on your tenancy. If the Landlord is your point of contact for any issues, his details will be fully included on the tenancy.

Where Is My Deposit Held (If Applicable)?

You will be advised where your deposit is to be held when you sign the tenancy. If we lodge your deposit, it will be held in the Deposit Protection Service scheme and you will be asked to sign the prescribed information relevant to that scheme. Other schemes are available to landlords, however we will always advise you on where your landlord will hold the deposit.

What Are My Responsibilities as a Tenant?

When you sign the tenancy, the terms and conditions will spell out your responsibilities as a tenant.

You will agree to make your rental payment on the due date each month, and also to respect the rented property and maintain the standard.

Am I Allowed to Have Pets in the Property?

If the landlord consents, your pet(s) will be able to live in the property. You will be asked to get the carpets cleaned by our regular professional carpet cleaner who will clean the carpets and deodorise them. His charges are very reasonable. A flea treatment will also be required and proof of both the cleaning and treatment will need to be seen by us.

Is the Property Furnished or Unfurnished?

This will usually already be understood at the time of agreeing to rent the property. Should the landlord agree to furnish an unfurnished property there may be an increase in the monthly rent to cover this.


Should you lose your keys and ask us to replace them you will be charged for the cost of the keys and our hourly rate of £15 per hour. You can insure yourself against lost keys on your Tenant Insurance.